Watts, Griffis and McOuat – Due Diligence

WGM and its associates have completed an extensive due diligence review of the project, including reviewing all aspects of the process, travelling to Rwanda to meet the people, and speaking to the technical team. They can provide an independent detailed report on issues investors may wish to review in more depth, including:

●   Scientific validity of the new process and engineering opinion as to the scalability of our process;.
●   Comments on the energy requirements and environmental aspects in comparison to the current process. In particular that the process does not use of hydrofluoric acid, is a closed system with any off gassing feeding back into the process, and waste materials are generally inert;
●   Conflict mineral management systems using ITRI process, supplemented by the Better Sourcing Program system developed in conjunction with AVX Corp;.
●   Statements regarding the qualifications and reputations of Frank, the Technical team, and William Millman.
●   Economic commentary regarding the project financials based on their conceptual financial modelling.
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