Project Highlights - Coltan/Tantalite Refining Plant
●   AB Minerals is planning to construct several industrial scale plants to refine Tantalite bearing ores and produce high purity Tantalum and Niobium. These will be the first plants of their kind in Tantalite producing countries.
●   This new, disruptive refining technology is the only Tantalite refining technology that does not use hydrofluoric acid and is more environmentally friendly, low cost and energy efficient. It is a closed system with all gases and liquids fed back into the process and waste material is non-mineralized, clean waste rock.

●   The plant design is complete and can be installed and operational within 8 months. It's modular, scalable & can be located in any country where there is an adequate supply of Tantalite bearing minerals.

●   A team of experienced chemical, metallurgical, engineering and scientific experts has been assembled that specialize in the tantalum industry. This team has extensive knowledge and experience in tantalum processing and the supply chain.

●   Even in today’s challenging commodities environment, profit margins for this processing method are significant and allow for payback of plant construction within the first year of operation.
●   AB Minerals is currently evaluating opportunities in all countries that have sufficient Coltan/ Tantalite supplies available for processing.